Oprah: What did you do when you finished?

J. K. Rowling: Well initially, I was elated. But then there came a point, I cried as I’ve only ever cried once before in my life, and that was when my mother died. It was uncontrollable, and I’m not a big crier. You know, I cry, but I’m not someone who can keep sort of crying going. You know what I mean, some people can, do floods for hours, but only twice in my life have I done that.  And if it was an escape for all these children, you can imagine what it had been for me. And it was not just the world, it was the discipline of working, and it was the structure it gave to my life. And I knew I’d still be writing, but I had to mourn Harry. 

j.k. rowling… i shall love you always. 


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