as you all may have heard, last night here in the district was complete and utter mayhem. most people are probably thinking, what’s the big deal with snow and rush hour? can’t people just drive a little slower and everyone get home safely? folks, that is far too simple. it. was. ridiculous. i have never been more terrified in my entire life. let me nutshell the previous evening for you to demonstrate how it was a scene out of ‘the day after tomorrow’, but with snow.

first of all, i drive to work once in a blue moon; i always metro. driving = stressful; metro riding = extremely easy and allows me to read while traveling. however, yesterday i had a doctor’s appointment out in middleofnowhere (read: where there is no metro stop) virginia so i was forced to drive my car. it was relatively uneventful and i came to work after and did my thing. sadly, i was unable to leave early from work and had to depart around 530. i quickly noticed traffic was bad, but then put on some jazz music and ate a cookie i found in my purse and decided to wait it out. this lasted for an hour and i had moved 5 blocks. i thought, maybe i should park my car and metro home, but heard that metro delays were 1.5 hours long and i said eff that, i can drive home much faster. i am so dumb.

and this is how i slowly lost all composure/brain cells/patience/politeness/lady like tendencies:

1) cell phone died. no communication with the outside world besides my car radio.

2) metro buses/other assholes took up entire intersections when it wasn’t their turn. (if you block the box, i swear you have a special place in hell waiting for you)

3) people were running out of gas left and right because they didn’t expect to be in their cars for 6+ hours.

4) cars, vans, and even buses were abandonded and left in the middle of roads so no one could get by.

5) i had to get out of my car numerous times to push stuck cars just so we could get through. i drove a 14 passenger van while 3 strange men pushed? with numerous elderly hispanic women sitting in the van? was i in the twilight zone? yes. 

6) enormous trees were falling left and right, obstructing major roads. a large branch even fell on my car at one point and i for sure thought i was about to kick the bucket.

7) i had nothing to eat or drink! for 8 hours! in a first world country! all i had left was a can of tuna and there was no way i was going to eat that! 

8) old ladies and other stranded bus riders were hitchhiking and/or walking miles up the road and shouting to me “take me to silver spring!!!!!”

9) finally got to my cut through road and it was closed. of COURSE it was! CURSES.

10) when i made it to my house at 12:45 pm i could not make it up my driveway and parked on the street. that was the final straw.

the only pluses to this pandemonium: i probably lost a few pounds due to stress/not eating dinner and i ordered a car charger this morning.

cheers to being at work today!


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