Summer Goodness.

It really isn’t fair to the other seasons– summer is killer when it comes to produce. Every month brings a new wave of deliciousness! I just love it. Here are a few things I made recently that we thoroughly enjoyed. Hope you like them too! xo.

Fish Tacos: These make for a great weeknight meal. The charred flour tortillas are *heaven* and the sour cream is delicious. You could use really any sturdy white fish. Get your fish de-skinned– much easier on you. I found the chiles in adobo at an international market we have here. You can freeze them and use them when you make pulled pork too!

Photo by Mark Nillson


Couscous Salad with Cherries: I make a salad like this pretty much weekly and keep it in the fridge for lunches/snacks throughout the week. If fresh cherries are already super pricey where you are (super short season this year), you could use dried cherries or dried apricots. The mint is 100% necessary in this salad. Don’t leave it out! Sometimes I add pistachios or roasted chickpeas to kick up the protein factor.

Photo by Not Without Salt


Summer Squash Soup: This is super easy to make and freeze. I did not make the pistou, but opted to put curry powder in the soup instead. Delicioso!

Photo by Deb Perelman


Summer Pasta with Zucchini, Ricotta & Basil: Another simple, yet tasty, weeknight meal. I <3 ricotta and it pairs so nicely with the squash. I used average Joe grocery store ricotta, but I’m sure if you used fresh/local/artisanal (ugh that word) ricotta it would take this dish up several levels.

Photo by Karsten Moran


Panzanella with Mozzarella & Herbs: Easyyyyyy and the best. Never met a panzanella that I didn’t like! I also add a little sumac into my panzanellas. So good!

Photo by Andrew Scrivani 


Cherry-Bourbon Ice Cream: You could use any summer fruit with this ice cream recipe, especially strawberries or raspberries. The vanilla custard base is SO GOOD. Make sure after making the base though you let it cool in the fridge for several hours. The recipe does not tell you to do this and if you are an ice cream novice like me and immediately put it in the mixer it will not turn into ice cream and it will be a dessert fail.

Photo by Gentl & Hyers

ice cream

Happy Eating!


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