A Little Trip to Norfolk, Virginia.

Before we moved to Virginia the only time I ever thought of Norfolk was in this song— some town in Virginia that Elvis was trying to take a break from. However, now that we are in southern Virginia, I am happy to report that Norfolk is a special city with a lot to offer.

I drove across the bridge on Saturday while Ian was out of town and had a great day. I am trying to explore this area as much as possible in the little time we’re here and love where we live. I truly enjoy traveling, and our semi-nomadic life, because of all the new people and things it brings with it. It’s not always easy, as military bases are often not in the most idyllic places, but this base has been good to us so far.

Norfolk is surrounded by water and military installations. There are gorgeous parks, museums, tree-lined neighborhoods, battleships, and cobble-stone streets to explore. I barely scratched the surface, seeing as my mobility has taken a recent hit, but it was a lovely little Saturday. Here’s what I did:


First off, I parked in the Freemason District. The APA named it a Top 10 Greatest Neighborhood in 2013! There are beautiful, old houses nestled among gardens and the harbor hosts the USS Wisconsin. I stopped and got a lemonade and a scone at Cure Coffeehouse. The area reminded me a little of Annapolis, Maryland… the quaint, colonial homes along the water, small restaurants, people walking, and businesses sprinkled among the homes. I wasn’t around for dinner, but have been recommended the Freemason Abbey several times!
DSC_5619 DSC_5617

IMG_6058IMG_6060DSC_5613 DSC_5606 DSC_5605

After walking around in the heat, I needed a break and headed over to the gorgeous Chrysler Museum. It’s a free (!!) art museum located just around the corner. They have a wonderful permanent collection of different kinds of glass and several rotating exhibits. My two favorites were Beverly Fishman’s ‘In Sickness and in Health’ and the Frank Lloyd Wright windows.


I ended the trip with a delicious lunch at Pasha Mezze (get the Turkish sampler platter!) and a little ice cream from Doumar’s. Sorry– I was too busy eating to take pictures ha!

I left Norfolk already planning the next time we could both go, which is always a good sign. Stop by the next time you’re in southern Virginia!


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