This & That.

DSC_5671It’s Friday and the high is only 83 (!!!!) degrees! Amazing, I tell you. I also realize that I have become one of those people who talk about the weather all the time. But really, everyone around town today has been in such a better mood than usual. A little less humidity and heat can do wonders.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

*I needed a thank you gift to send to someone and found this shop, Meus. Seriously pretty and affordable gifts if you’re in the market.

*This piece… there are no words. Just the thought of writing letters for a loved one after you are gone is sad enough, but a whole life time? Gah. Incredible article.

*TARGET FTW. This is fantastic. It drives me crazy how everything from toys, to clothes, even bedroom decor, is categorized by gender. I also did not know that little girls used to wear blue because of its association with the Virgin Mary. Huh!

*Stumbled upon this adorable Etsy shop.

*Whewww Colorado looks gorgeous during the summer. #bucketlist

*Holy soft-serve.

See you on Monday!

Photo from Lake Charlevoix, Michigan. 


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