Have a nice weekend!


Enjoy your (hopefully) days off, folks. Here are some great links for you to read with your morning coffee:

Web Design: The First 100 Years. Seriously good stuff. I found this fascinating.

SeriousDesign & Chris Pratt’s Instagram accounts. You’re welcome.

WHAT is going on?! On my list to read this weekend.

I want a whole pitcher of this rosé lemonade. SO PRETTY!

Warren Buffet being a wonderful human and funding women’s health research. You go, Warren!

There are zero good donut purveyors within a 30 mile radius of us, and I don’t believe in driving further than 10 minutes for a good piece of fried dough. Mayyyy have to make these or these this weekend.

This type of travel writing is my favorite– makes me want to go to Scotland even more.

We made this hearty and delicious salad for dinner recently. Cannot heart it enough. I didn’t have grapeseed oil and used avocado oil instead and no complaints here.

Photo: A bird costume made by Charles Eames. 


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