This + That.


Three cheers for short weeks! This particular Friday came sneaking up on us as this was a packed week. Here are a few things for your weekend– I hope it’s grand:

JT and Jimmy Fallon: The absolute best.

Questions to Ask Your Grandparents. So, so sweet. Made me really miss my Grandpa and Grandma that have passed.

I plan on eating this for lunch pretty much all the time once it starts getting colder.

To give summer a proper send off, I’m making these corn cakes and Alice Waters’ ratatouille tonight for dinner.

Popped these bad boys in the oven earlier this week for some new neighbors, meetings, and a few extra for us. Solid chocolate chip cookie recipe!

A great way to look at each day.

Most importantly, to all the families who lost loved ones on 9/11, we’re all thinking about you. May we all strive to not take our time here for granted. xoxo.

Typography source unknown. 


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