Weekly Flowers (Fall Porch Edition).

DSC_5979DSC_5981DSC_5970 DSC_5972Ah, fall. The season of apples, pumpkins, Halloween, cooler temperatures, foliage, Keeneland fall meet, being outside without sweltering, and several other glorious attributes. It almost has me convinced to live somewhere out west where cooler weather is more common. We’ll see about that.

This week’s flowers consist of the fall planters on our front porch. I cobbled together some clearance flowers at Lowe’s (the best!) and some from a local nursery. They’re on both sides of the porch, but a critter attacked our front storm door (???) and it’s pretty unsightly so you’re only seeing half the porch.

In the main arrangement I included Dusty Miller, Bidens, Trailing Petunias, Celosia, and Coleus. I found that many flowers labeled as ‘summer’ flowers will be thrive well into fall and are sold at half the price. Look for them in your nursery’s clearance aisle, especially if you live in a temperate area. In the other arrangement I went with a classic fall flower– purple chrysanthemums.

Are you all switching over your gardens/porches/planters for the new season? What are you including?

Happy arranging!


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