Decorating a Nursery with Reusable Pieces.

When we envisioned our son’s nursery, we knew we wanted to invest in reusable pieces for down the road. I tend to only buy things I absolutely need– not tooting my own horn here, it does come with its downsides (re: obsessing. constant researching. going back to find the item is gone. etc.). However, to justify my consumer OCD, there is an insane amount of baby gear out there and it’s extremely easy to get sucked into the vortex: If you don’t buy everything your child will be unloved and unsafe! They’ll never sleep! They’ll grow up resenting you for not having a crib skirt! You’ll ruin your baby’s life before it even starts! You must spend thousands of dollars! It’s enough to stress out any new couple.

A good friend of mine sent us the book Baby Bargains— a great primer for knowing what you actually need and how to be smart about buying it. I highly recommend any expecting parent to read this. In our current house, we are not allowed to paint the walls (yay renting!) and considering we will be moving again in early 2017, I wanted to keep it as simple, and gender-neutral, as possible. We bought some new items, found some at antique and second hand stores, reused items that our parents saved from our nurseries, and used items we already had around the house to create a sweet, little room. I think the key to being resourceful and creating a beautiful space is a) having an open mind and b) not expecting to finish decorating a room in one week. It takes time, but it pays off.

As much as we love this little guy, the nursery is just a small spot in our lives together. We did have fun though and can’t wait to bring him home to this special room next to ours and use these pieces for years to come.

Hope this can help and/or inspire if you’re expecting soon! Happy decorating xoxo


The crib and rocking chair were the two most expensive pieces we bought. We adored the white, simple crib and the fact that it converts to a toddler bed. I was torn about buying a new chair, but heard from so many parents how much they loved (and their babies too) their rocking chairs. We decided on a wider one that we can still use when he’s older or move into a different room in our home.


The Babar print is from my brother’s childhood room!


DSC_6085DSC_6143 DSC_6043At first, I scoured our local area and the interwebs for a bookshelf. Craigslist was no help and it seems like all well-made bookshelves these days are insanely expensive. I found this little gem at an antique shop near us for $25 in the salvage room! Plenty of room for books and a drawer to hide away things when not in use. This table can be reused in any room.

DSC_6106A London bus from my travels, a sweet card framed from my sister-in-law, and some consignment store books.

DSC_6091The other books and toys are stored in crates and a bin that were super inexpensive– one was $2 from Goodwill. We kept them at ground level so he can have easy access and doesn’t need our help to pick out a book. #readbabyread! The chalkboard will either be bolted to the wall or hung up, but is staying put for now.

DSC_6095One of the items that seemed like a waste of money to me: a changing table. Their open shelving, one-time-use, and cheesiness all turned me off. We found this loooovely antique dresser and I was smitten. You could do this with any dresser or table you have. Trust me, the baby will never know the difference and you will scoot that pretty dresser into another room and high-five your future self. Just make sure to secure some sort of changing tray to the top so your little one doesn’t wiggle off, and always keep two hands on them when changing their diaper.

DSC_6098 DSC_6129The Moses basket was a sweet present from my future sister-in-law and something I know we’ll use all the time when he’s little. After he’s too big for it I’ll take the lining out and store blankets, toys, laundry, really anything in it. You can never have enough baskets.

Any questions? Let me know!


Dresser: Red Feathered Nest (local)
Changing Table Tray: Target
Changing Table Pad: Summer Infant
Trashcan: Had previously– from Macy’s
Rug: Had previously– from Scott Antique Market, Atlanta
Book/Toy Crates & Blanket Basket: TJ Maxx & Goodwill
Books/Toys: Given to us by friends and family and saved from our childhoods
Rocking Chair: Baby Relax
Te Amo pillow: Had previously– from this Etsy shop
Crib: DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1
Crib Mattress: DaVinci Twilight
Crib Mattress Pad: American Baby
Crib Mobile: The Etsy shop is currently taking a break, but here are some other sweet ones
Crib Sheets: Aden + Anais
Antique Chalkboard: Red Feathered Nest (local)
Side table: Mint Julep Antiques (local)
Prints: Had previously– thrifted, bought abroad, personal photography
Lamp: Had previously– from Home Goods


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