Have a Great Weekend.


I don’t know about you all, but this week had some energy. The internet was en fuego! So many good things to read. I’m going to make us some homemade chex mix (so easy, so tasty, recipe coming soon) and cozy up with my iPad since the high is a blustery 72 tomorrow! Bring on the cold, Mother Nature. I’m ready for you:

These photos of the Pope vs. the wind… SO GOOD.

In this week’s New Yorker, David Sedaris has a wonderfully funny story about gay marriage. I always love his pieces in this magazine and that his hobby is picking up trash on the roadside.

A honey badger cocktail! Three weeks, champagne. Three weeks and we’re reunited.

What a fantastic campaign for young women. Just your friendly reminder that women’s health determines everyone’s well being. Meanwhile, in Congress… I can’t even anymore with this debate. Yes, the Planned Parenthood executives’ language was crass and disrespectful in the undercover videos and they personally should be reprimanded. However, it is 100% legal for women to donate fetal organs for *IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH*. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood’s presence throughout the U.S. reduces the amount of unwanted pregnancies, and thus abortions, due to contraceptive access and early screenings. Oh, and 0% of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding supports abortions. Time to move on, folks.

On a lighter note, everything sugary/sweet looks delicious to me these days. These butterscotch pots de creme look especially heavenly. Someone’s birthday is coming up… a good excuse to make them? I think so too.

James Bond movies have always been a favorite of mine. The new one, Spectre, comes out November 6th! This theme song review makes me even more excited.

From my music guru, a lovely new Tiny Desk Concert by a fellow Kentuckian!

I am extremely intrigued by this business venture, especially if it means less dry cleaning chemicals in my life.

And finally, the New York Times celebrated one million digital subscribers. To celebrate they compiled 50 of their best stories from the digital era. They should keep you occupied for a few weeks– most likely months! I’ll be saving several to my Pocket. Gosh, I love that app.

P.S. Molly’s photos bumped Israel up several notches on my bucket list. 


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