Have a lovely weekend.


Here are some links for your weekend reading/listening/watching. Have a great one!

I recently finished this book. Such a sweet memoir. Now I’m moving on to Purity! Love me some J Franz.

Have you been following this NASA study? Identical twin brothers! Also, the International Space Station and Astronaut Scott Kelly both have the most amazing Instagram accounts.

Stephen Colbert’s lifestyle brand. Tears of laughter.

Along the same vein: building your personal brand. We life in a strange world, yes?

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. And actually doable.

We need to reassess commuting. 5 weeks a year? Gah.

Garden & Gun’s ‘Good Dog’ photo contest is going on until October 15th. Submit your pup!

Intrigued by this book.

Cross-sector collaborations for growing healthier kids.

A wonderful duet between Beyonce & Eddie Vedder.

Urban legend aka Phantom Tollbooth!

I’m signing up for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. All proceeds go to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Who’s with me?!

Coming soon to our dinner table. And possibly this too.

Photo source unknown. Sad trombone. 


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