Weekly Flowers.

DSC_6324 DSC_6307Well, no babies or exciting hospital trips to report yet. Sounds like this baby of ours has a mind of his own– who would have thought?! I’m trying to distract myself and not over analyze every minute thing that happens with my body.  We’ll see how long I hold out. So, without further ado… staghorn ferns!

Staghorn ferns are incredibly cool plants– almost prehistoric looking. They are epiphytes, or air plants, thus thriving on circulating air. You can plant them in a hanging basket or a wall mount. Staghorn ferns are found in the treetops of rain forests and prefer filtered sunlight and humidity. Ours is hanging outside while it’s still pretty warm, but I’ll bring it inside and hang it up in a bathroom when it’s colder.

Here are some ways staghorn ferns can add a unique design element to your space. Also, staghorn ferns 101 and a video demonstrating how to pot and mount them. Aren’t they fantastic looking?! Go get yourself one.


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