Sunday Things.


It’s been a somber weekend, yes? More horrific acts of violence rehashed on the news 24/7. We’re left wondering and questioning and feeling and hugging our loved ones a little tighter. Paris and Beirut were their recent victims and who knows who the next ones will be. I hope one day we can live in a time without terrorism. It is just too much.

For now, here are some other links to read. Take a break from CNN and peruse something that isn’t giving terrorists what they want: press coverage.

Be kind to your neighbors and love on your family & friends all day, every day xoxo

Richard Scarry updated his children’s book!

Thanksgiving advice from BA’s elders. Loved this.

The dream life of driverless cars.

Comrade Capitalism in Russia.

A Volunteer Trash Collector.

Aziz Ansari on race in hollywood and his new series ‘Masters of None’.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: pie season!

I very much want a spiralizer.

Seriously love James Corden.

Beautiful Wengen, Switzerland.

Cute ideas for a housewarming present.

16 Powerful TED talks.

Photo source unknown. 


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