Friends, it’s the weekend horray! This week was a quiet one, with Ian being out of town, but Bozzie and I held down the fort crossing off the ever-growing list of house projects. In celebration of being 36 weeks today, the nursery is finally finished. Our son won’t come home to an empty room. #Win. I’ll be sharing it next week sooo get excited.

For now, here are some great links for your weekend coffee lounging:

The 100 Best Novels written in English.

Bernie Sanders speech at Liberty University. Good, good stuff.

100 Men of color greeted kids on the first day of school. This is everything. Solid male role models FTW.

I made Joy’s chocolate pudding last week… Heaven.

The Sunniest Climate-Change Story!

A great salad for end of summer/beginning of fall.

Watching this documentary this weekend. I’ve always loved her stand-up.

Someday we will go here. Ultimate #bucketlist restaurant experience.

Have some garden herbs you’re looking to use up? Make this herb sea salt!

The perfect fall breakfast. Nomz.

Not so coffee-lounging friendly, but this lady seriously knows her workouts. Great if you have a few minutes to spare at home.

P.S. This house was designed by J.J. Gaffney in 1898 in the Highlands Historic Neighborhood of Louisville, KY. There is no evidence that Mr. Gaffney had any formal training in architecture and it’s rumored that he only attended one year of school ever.

Photo by Diane Deaton Street


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